Quest Competitive Climbing Club is a program for advanced climbers at Quest University Canada that are interested in reaching their full potential as competitive rock climbers.

This program focuses on a “learn to train & train to learn” long-term athlete development model.

Training will include technical, physical, and mental skill development. Curriculum for this program is developed in collaboration with Ground up, our local Climbing Center, and Jean-Francois Plouffe, Quest’s Athletic Director. Members of the program will also learn about injury prevention & effective developmental progression.

Climbers will be participating in local and regional competitions throughout the SCBC circuit and Tour de Bloc.


  • Must be a full-time student at Quest University Canada.
  • Must attend all training sessions at Ground Up.
  • Participants should compete in a minimum of 9 competitions on the circuit.
  • Complete at least 8 hours (minimum) of volunteer community work with the Squamish Climbing Association.
  • Participants will provide photos on a monthly basis for Quest social media.


  • Try outs and interviews will be held early September 2017.
  • Membership is by invitation or AD approval.
  • 2 coach-supervised sessions per week for 6 months.
  • 1st month: includes a training session with a personal trainer.
  • Fitness session with Quest Athletic Director.
  • Monthly check-in with physio and dietitian: free, unless 1-on-1 support is needed.
  • Membership at Ground Up.
  • Training at Quest Kermodes Gym and weight training center.
  • Quest will provide transportation to most events.
  • Quest will pay for competitions.

For more information, please contact JF Plouffe at